Chichester Karate Club is a freindly family orientated aimed at teaching traditional Go Ju Ryu Karate. It is divided into training for both adults and juniors.


Adult training:

Adult training is aimed at self defence techniques together with fitness and conditioning training. We are serious about our training, its hard work and not everyone can see it through. The benefits are huge, learning to defend oneself, gaining  self confidence, being fitter as well as meeting new people.


Junior training:

Juniors can join from the age of seven. The training is  based around learning in a fun environment but with karate training at the core. 

Training for adults is twice weekly on Wednesday evenings at the Chichester Karate Club, New Park Centre, Chichester and at Oving Karate Club, The Jubilee Hall, Oving, Chichester.  Adults and Juniors can traiat both clubs. 

All students are encouraged to take part in competitions. Training events are arranged in the UK and abroad with other members of the association. 

Karate Training

What is karate?


Karate is a self defence system that originated in China and subsequently spread to the island of Okinawa and then to mainland Japan. Karate can be loosely translated to mean 'empty hand'.

The style of karate that we practice is Go Ju Ryu or Hard Soft Style. It was developed by Chojun Miyagi into one of the main systems of Karate.

It is characterised by its close range, circular techniques and is a practical form of self defence using punches, kicks, throws, grabbing and holding techniques. 


Traditional  Self Defence   Fitness   Competition   Social   Enjoyment



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