Standing Basics A



Heisoko Dachi

Musubi Dachi

Heiko Dachi

Hachiji Dachi

Shiko Dachi

Hans Zenkutsu Dachi

Zenkutsu Dachi

Neko Ashi Dachi


Jodan Choku zuki

Chudan Choku zuki

Gedan Choku zuki


Jodan Age uke

Chudan Yoko uke

Gedan Barai

Chudan Uchi uke


Uraken uchi

Empi uchi

Shuto uchi

Chudan Ura zuki


Mae Geri


Moving Basics B



Zen Kutsu or Sanchin Dachi


Jodan Oi Zuki

Chudan Oi Zuki

Gedan Oi Zuki


Renzoku (combinations)


Stance - Zen Kutsu Dachi


Jodan Oi Zuki - Chudan Gyaku Zuki

Jodan Age uke - chudan Gyaku Zuki - chudan uchi uke - jodan gyaku zuki

Gedan Barai - gedan gyaku zuki.


Stance - Shiko Dachi


Chudan hiki uke - chudan gyaku zuki

Chudan hiki uke, san ren zuki (3 punches)


Kicking Techniques


Gedan mae geri

Chudan mae geri

Jodan mae geri

Gedan mawashi geri

Chudan mawashi geri

Jodan mawashi geri


Kicking combinations


Mae geri - chudan gyaku zuki

Gedan mae geri - jodan oi zuki - chudan gyaku zuki

Chudan mae geri - jodan mawashi geri - chudan gyaku zuki.

Chudan mae geri - chudan ushiro geri - chudan gyaku zuki.


Partner work


Semete - Jodan, chudan, gedan zuki

Uke - Jodan, chudan, gedan  uke.

Moving Basics C



Heiko, Zenkutsu or Sanchin Dachi


Hiza geri

Jodan kakato otoshi

Chudan ushiro mawashi geri

Jodan ushiro mawashi geri


Kizami zuki - mawashi zuki

Kizami zuki - age zuki - mae geri

Kizami zuki - hiji ate - mae geri

Mawashi zuki - kizami zuki - gedan mawashi geri.

Age zuki - kizami zuki - mawashi geri

Kizami zuki - ushiro geri

Kizami zuki - hiza geri

Kizami zuki - hiza geri - hiji ate.


Chudan mae geri -  jodan mawashi geri.

Chudan mae geri - chudan sokuto geri.

Chudan mae geri - ushiro geri

Chudan mae geri - ushiro mawashi geri


5 Combinations


Stance Heisoku dachi


Mae geri - mawashi geri


Moving Basics D


Moving forward and back in Neko Ashi Dachi/ Zenkutsu dachi and vice versa


Chudan mae geri - chudan gyaku zuki.

Gedan mawashi geri - chudan gyaku zuki


Moving Sideways


Chudan hike uke - chudan mae geri


45 degrees moving (zig zag)


Chudan Hiki uke - chudan mae geri


Moving forwards Shiko dachi


Gedan barai - gyaku zuki


Moving forward


Age hiji ate - jodan uraken uchi - gedan barai - gyaku zuki.


Jodan hiji ate - uraken uchi - ura zuki


Mae geri - gyaku zuki - uraken uchi


Chudan mae geri - jodan mawashi geri - ushiro geri


Jodan mae geri - chudan sokuto geri - jodan mawashi geri - chudan ushiro geri - chudan gyaku zuki


Chudan mae geri - jodan mawashi geri - chudan gyaku zuki.

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